Subject:       July 2020 Letter summarizing HTCC Activities

  Dear HTCC “Board Members” The primary objective of this memorandum is to communicate to you all the activities of the temple since the last Board Meeting.  Here is the summary of the activities:
  1.    Security System at the Temple has been upgraded (Project 2020-9) under the direction of Mr. Mahesh Anandan (MA).  We will be undertaking Phase II of the project in the fourth quarter of 2020.  The cost of the phase I upgrade ($ -) will be paid on a monthly basis.  
2.    Soil Erosion project was completed in early May under the direction of Mr. Ravi Raj (RR).  The cost for hydroseeding was $1300.  The payment to the vendor was made.  A small area will be hydroseeded in late fall.  Estimated cost is $400.
  3.    The Temple was opened for devotees on June 27th under the direction of Mr. Madhusudana Bhat.  The team consisting of Madhu Ji, Sony Ji, Sanjay Ji, Sinha Ji and Ravi Ji developed the rules and regulations that need to be strictly followed by all devotees included board members.
  4.    A note providing the new elected officers and their e-mail addresses were provided to all entities dealing with HTCC (mortgage Co., banks, water, utility company etc.) by MA.   5.    Phone and internet bill were provided to Mr. Satish Kumar who had previously agreed to help the Temple by providing service for 3 years.  Dr. Deepak Malhotra (DM) will follow up with him.  
6.    Dr. Murthy collected $9,002 for the kitchen project.  HTCC paid Mr. Pradeep Goel the money.  Remaining money to pay is ±$3000.  
7.    Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal (RA) has incorporated all the missing names of the brick project.  The project is officially closed since we have no space left for adding additional name.
  8.    We have identified several names whose donation amounts are not correct so far.  Please let RA know if you are aware of people who have indicated errors in their donations.  
9.    Arrangements have been made for lawn mowing service.  Mr. Inder Nayar will be coordinating with DM and will deal with the vendor.  I have asked him to get a cost estimate for trimming all the bushes and weed removal.  
10. RR has gotten estimates from several vendors for planting of trees.  Landscaping is our next major project.  We have received several notices for not keeping up with landscaping from the city.  
11. Maintenance of the facility requires attention.  RR has compiled a list of items (provided to board last time).  Please add polishing of doors as item 11 on the list.  
12. DM has talked to Mahesh Jha to reactivate the advisory board.  We will set up a meeting in late July.  
13. RA, RR & DM met with Mr. Anil Antal who is a major donor.  His complain regarding bricks was taken care of and he wants to pay for the installation of a Deity at the temple.  DM will follow up with him.  
14. Financials – are at the lowest level since the temple was built.  The realistic budget along with short & long-term liabilities excluding mortgage payment are given  below  

1.    Improve Communication e-mail to devotes on a by-weekly basis (waiting for e mail list from SN) Set up new web site (MB to coordinate) .

  2.    Fund Raising Meet on bi-weekly with 5 to 8 families at temple starting in middle of August. Phone calls to devotees   I thank all the officers for their dedication and devotion to serving the community and the Board Members for their help, feedback and continued support.  
Realistic Budget – Monthly Expenses

Fixed (F) Variable (V)
Installment Loan Remaining, 
Mortgage $14,000 F  
Priest Salaries $6,000 F  
Payroll Taxes  $385 F  
Workman’s Comp. $140 F  
Water ACWAA  $1,445 V  
Electricity/Gas $2,700  ($4,000 loan remaining to be paid)
Property/BOD Insurance $550 F  
Elevator Maintenance $375 F  
MTE  $1,313 V  ($15,000+ loan remaining to be paid)
Airport Convenient $212 ($1200 loan remaining to be paid)
SWMSA  $500   ($5,924 loan remaining to be paid)
Century Link  $375 ($800 loan remaining to be paid)
Quarterly Dola $75 F  
Temple Supplies $425 V  
Janitorial Services $1,360 F  
Devotees  ($ 6,600 loan remaining to be paid) 
Taste of India  ($750 loan remaining to be paid)
Audit Payment ($2,000 loan remaining to be paid)
Property Maintenance @ 3% of Assets $12,000   
Payment: short term excluding monthly Payments $1,000 (paid)  ($38,000 Ã‚±12,000 loans remaining to be paid)
Payment/long-term over 3 years to Devotees $3,300 (paid)   ($118,000  loan remaining to be paid)
Total ±$47,000    
Deepak Malhotra President, HTCC And God Servant