Subject:       August 2020 Letter Summarizing HTCC Activities: The primary objective of this memorandum is to comminute to you all the activities of the Temple for the month of August 2020.  Here is the summary of the activities:
 1.    Hydroseeding of all the planned areas of the Temple facilities have been completed.   2.    The final payment of the Kitchen project was made to Mr. Pradeep Goel (see attached note).  Thanks to Dr. Murthy Ji, Mr. Narender Kumar ji and Mr. Pradeep Goel ji for all their volunteer work and to all devotees who made it possible with generous donations.  
 3.    Mr. Satish Kumar is working on getting the phone/internet service transferred to their company.  Hope to complete by end of September.
    4.    Two major functions (Sri Krishna Janamashtami and Sri Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations) were celebrated at the Temple in August.  Thanks to Sony Ji, Madhu Ji, Ravi Ji, Rajesh Ji, Kiran Ji, Bupender Ji and other volunteers who helped.  Considering the circumstances, both functions were well attended.  
 5.    Fund raiser collected over $10,000 for the landscaping project.  The weeds have been removed and the trees/shrubs have been trimmed.  Twenty trees will be planted in September end or early October.  
 6.    A grant proposal was submitted to Colorado Garden Foundation with the help of Dr. Sarada Krishnan, Director of Horticulture and Center of Global Initiatives, Director Botanic Garden.  Thanks to Dr. Krishnan for her help (see attached letter).
 7.    We are sending 2,000 plus e-mails to devotees every 7 to 10 days.  This will help transparency and communications.  
 8.    Ravi Raj has compiled a list of maintenance items that need to be addressed (see attached).  He got quotes for some of them.  We will work on them as money becomes available.
    9.    The current financial situation is as follows: ü  We have approximately $26,000 in Wells Fargo and Citywide Bank. ü  Approximately $13,600 for mortgage payment will be made on September 14th. ü  We need to spend $10,000 for 20 trees this month.  
 10. We have applied for PPP loan waiver.  If we get it, we will receive $15,000.  
1.    Complete landscaping project.
 2.    Continue to work on transparency and communications.
 3.    Initiate taking care of maintenance items.
 4.    Continue aggressive fund raising.   Thanks to all the officers, volunteers and Board members for their dedication and service to the community.
Sincerely, Deepak Malhotra President, HTCC And God’s Servant